Jobs in radiography present a rewarding and unusual challenge

For anybody looking for a career that offers a real challenge as well as an appealing employment package and the rewards of doing a job that’s really worthwhile, the allied health professions offer a variety of opportunities.  These are clinical health professions that are distinct from medicine, dentistry and nursing, and many people do not know enough about them to consider them seriously when thinking about career options. The jobs range from jobs in occupational therapy, to physiotherapy and jobs in radiography.  If you are interested in this sector then they are surely worth researching.

Allied health professionals are important members of today’s healthcare team, providing treatment that helps make a real difference to people’s lives.  Many people are attracted to allied health jobs because of the opportunity they offer to work one a one-to-one basis with patients every day, making a real and discernible positive difference to their lives.  You might find yourself treating a broken toe or trying to find out what’s going on in someone’s mind, and the opportunities are so varied that there will be something in the allied health professions that appeals to you whether you are interested in science or the arts, the body or the mind.

Acquiring the knowledge and skills to become a radiographer or physiotherapist will demand training and study, either at degree or diploma level. There is also a range of vital support roles that do not require any particular academic qualifications.  Allied health professionals carry their own case-loads and work as independent professionals.  For example, they might work directly with a patient to create interactive therapies to help recovery.  Whilst this is an important element of the job, health and social care today is about teamwork, so AHPs will be part of a team, and may lead one.  This might mean working alongside GPs, doctors, teachers or social workers.

Allied health jobs may send you to hospitals, clinics, housing services, people’s home, or schools and colleges for work.  The academic requirements and training demands of jobs in radiography or jobs in occupational therapy can be demanding, but the rewards are high too.  Job satisfaction and career prospects are particularly good in this line of work.  If you want to find a job that will stretch your mind while allowing you to make a massive difference to many people and constantly develop your skills, it is certainly worth giving careful consideration to this sector.

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