Look out for kickboxing London classes near you

Ever feel like you don’t have enough time to do everything? Does staying fit keep getting rammed further and further back on the to-do list? Are children or arduous London working hours preventing you from taking time out to look after yourself? If you answered yes to any of these, then kickboxing may be the answer for you. A kickboxing club is more motivating than a gym, and more adaptable to your lifestyle than you may think. Anyone can take up kickboxing London classes are available throughout the day, so you can fit one in whatever your timetable.

Why kickboxing? Why not pilates, karate, or football? For the simple reason that kickboxing is more than a way to keep fit. Firstly, this fun form of exercise is as advantageous for your mental and spiritual health as for your physical well-being. It is an extremely sociable sport, and once you’ve acquired some skills, your confidence levels will rise exponentially.

This is allied to the second reason why kickboxing is more than just another form of exercise. It teaches you self-defence, allowing you to successfully defend yourself in real-life threatening situations. This covers the initial circumvention of a threatening situation, and, if conflict becomes unavoidable, you will have the right skills to deal with aggressive behaviour and defend yourself, your children and your property. In this way, kickboxing can greatly improve your general self-assurance. More and more women are signing up for this very reason – kickboxing is the perfect way to protect your independence.

And kickboxing is a great work-out, too. It is an active aerobic activity which improves flexibility, co-ordination and speed. You are encouraged to seek your limitations, and develop beyond them. Thanks to its interactive element, this is a sport that will never get tedious. You always have to be alert and ready for your combatant’s next move.

All these benefits are on offer to you regardless of the demands upon your time, or your level of fitness. Classes are available to all ages, abilities and genders, and available all day. Kickboxing is also the ultimate extra-curricular activity for children, teaching them useful skills as well as backing up self-discipline and positive behaviour. This means that you won’t have to worry about the kids while you go to your class – you can bring them along, and they can attend a class relevant to their age and ability.

Personal classes, more specialised classes such as sparring classes, and technical theory lessons will also be on a good kickboxing club’s roster for the hard-core among you. So whatever you want to get out of an exercise class, kickboxing will be able to cater for you. What’s more, you can learn more about the discipline, for there is a fascinating history to kickboxing London-based clubs mean there’ll always be classes happening near you, so that you can stay fit, healthy, have fun and stay safe on the streets.

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Kickboxing London has all you could want

When it comes to kickboxing London has all the clubs you could want. The capital has tons of different venues for training, meaning that if you live in London kickboxing classes are easy to find and you should be able to choose one that suits your needs. Kickboxing – which is something of a generic term for a hybrid martial art that pulls techniques from a wide range of sources – is practised for a huge range of different reasons, by both men and women, of all ages. Some people do it for the sparring, enjoying the rush of facing an opponent in the ring – although you will clearly need to learn the basics thoroughly before progressing to this. Others do so for the exercise; kickboxing is a top workout, since it combines excellent cardiovascular fitness with strength conditioning, as well as flexibility. Other fans go for fun, because they enjoy meeting other like-minded people, or because they want to learn some self defence. Depending on the London kickboxing club you try, you may find that some or all of these factors are prioritised.

As the name suggests, kickboxing involves learning fighting skills based on a number of kicks and punches. However, there is much more to it than this. You will need to learn blocks to both, and the footwork to go with them. Different styles have differing levels of complexity. In addition, depending on the club and style, you may learn more techniques, such as self-defence moves, which may incorporate techniques from other styles, perhaps locks, throws and other grappling movements. (However, if you are looking to major in the grappling techniques, then kickboxing itself may not be for you – there are plenty of styles, such as Judo and ju-jitsu, which focus on locks, holds and throws as an ends in themselves, far more than hand and foot strikes.)

London kickboxing classes are run by many different organisations and individuals, meaning that one London kickboxing club will not necessarily be like another. It’s an idea to research what you can expect by looking at their website and asking around if you’re in any doubt, although most clubs will be very approachable and many will offer free taster sessions in order to help you make up your mind without committing on a long-term basis. Thus, if you’re wanting to try some kickboxing London has all the variety you’ll need, whether you’re looking to make new friends, learn some self-defence or drop a few pounds as part of your new year’s resolutions.

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