PowerPoint Design Agency for Narrative and Design

PowerPoint is one of the very first applications that people use when first entering the world of work. They learn how to structure slides, add eye-catching images and how to stop the slideshow from jamming. But for many people, sadly, that is where it stops – they may never learn about the real structure of presentations. In short, many people become competent in the basics of PowerPoint presentation software, but without advanced PowerPoint training, never learn the “soft” skills that can make all the difference.

These skills include bringing out the key points of an idea, engaging language and an eye for visual design. Presentation training can bestow upon the trained employee or self-employed business owner the linguistic confidence of a copywriter, the pizzazz of a great graphic designer, and the clarity of a confident, convincing public speaker.

Narrative is an important part of any presentation. All too often listeners get confused by narratives that ramble off in unimportant directions. The reason for this confusion is simple: the presenter may know which points are crucial, but their audience has no way of knowing. The presenter simply trusts that their pitch will come across if they are passionate about it – but in fact listeners are very simple, and pay attention to concepts and key points that are repeated often and in prominent places in the speech’s structure. If jokes are more common than repetition of key points, all they’ll remember is the jokes!

Many people underestimate the power that a strong narrative and presentation structure has to convince key decision makers and make concepts stick in their minds – but most people are more aware of the power of great design. They know that when a webpage, poster or slide is visually striking, their attention will be grabbed. What they often don’t know, though, is just how to achieve design that will strike others as interesting, worthwhile and useful. In fact, the arrangement of elements on a slide, the nature and variety of those elements, and their relevance to key points and ideas can make all the difference between a pretty but forgettable presentation, and one which inspired the people who heard it.

All these skills, and more, can be learnt in a presentation training book, seminar or course of lessons. With the confidence that comes from knowing how to engage people, much of the nervousness often seen in people faced with giving presentations disappears – which of course will make the PowerPoint presentation even more memorable, persuasive, and likely to seal the deal.


Commercial Property London Helps Build Strong Communities.

As east London loses its youthful desirability due to the increased prices commercial property london, the north retains much of its long-established charm. While areas like Islington are clearly chic and costly, many of the local neighbourhoods are more down to earth and able to attract a diverse set of residents and clientèle. Therefore, shops to rent in north London offer exhilarating opportunities for those who are planning to grow their businesses. Camden and Holloway Road are two north London locales that could do with having some new life breathed into them. And new shops and other businesses setting up here have the ability to do just that. Many people think that the best business opportunities exist in the online realm these days. In fact, this thinking is misguided: with so much competition on the internet it is really difficult to establish customer loyalty. Fast and often short-term solutions are sought online whereas a shop for sale in London can exist as a community hub offering a whole lot more than an affordable product.

Indeed, in an era where many of us work in relative separation, beavering away in an office with our computer screens for company and little communal space available even during lunch breaks, it is physical social space that we long for more and more. The commercial properties available in London can of course be used as office spaces to let or as internet cafés, perhaps only furthering 21st century alienation at the hands of technology. However, traditional cafés, film rental shops, commercial art studios, restaurants and independent shops offer spaces to reflect, talk with the owners and fellow customers, and to receive a personally tailored service that suits your needs. The Film Shop, existing in three different London locations is just one sort of a business that is really encouraging community feeling. These small premises, painted in stylish black and white, contain staff members to whom the term film buff almost does them an injustice. Because the staff here have a wealth, nay a mine of film-based knowledge and can recommend you something you’re sure to like just by asking you a few simple questions about your interests.

Specialists like these film experts are the types of people that north London requires on its high streets. And if they have long term vision and financial encouragement, a shop for sale in London can offer the sticking power that shops to rent in north London do not. Whatever the entrepreneurial project, commercial property london provides what the web simply does not.

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School uniform supplier in London – for multiple children: problems and solutions

During the holidays, many city parents have one big unchecked item on their to-do list: finding a good London schoolwear supplier. School uniforms are one of the most consistent expenses in a parent’s life, and a good supplier can make all the difference between a long and laborious trek around various department stores, looking for that just-right shade of navy, red or green, and a quick trip to pick up everything children need for school.

Once the reserve of elite public schools and private schools, designated school uniforms are now common in all types of schools for children from the ages of five to 18. And following research on the benefits of formal clothes for children, school clothes are increasingly detailed.

Many claim that having to wear a tie, blazer, or specific type of collar gives children an early lesson in the importance of self-discipline and presentation. Perhaps it’s true: what is inarguable is that it means a lot of effort for parents, especially those who have multiple children at different schools, or who don’t have a lot of time on their hands due to demanding jobs or family pressures. Finding a collar with just the right type of tips, or the right shade of grey for a child’s tights, can be a huge headache. Many schools also use school uniforms to create a distinct impression of identity for their school, which makes children and teenagers feel like they belong, and improves team spirit. This is an admirable goal, but can mean that an ever-spiraling list of different types of uniform are needed – gone are the days when a child can wear the same array of clothes from Reception classes to sixth-form college.

Luckily, many London schoolwear suppliers make a point of making this process easier for parents. Having a wide range of sizes in stock, including school clothes for multiple schools in an area, can mean that school uniform shopping becomes a one-stop shop. Every parent wants their child to be well turned out, and in a teenage culture that’s often full of one-upmanship, having the right clothes is a huge weight off a child’s or teenager’s mind: leaving him or her free to focus on classes and coursework instead of outgrown shirts or hemline lengths.

Nowadays the ‘big shop’ isn’t parents’ only option for new uniform. With online and telephone ordering, kitting out the kids for a new term can be as simple as a session on the computer. However, to work like this it’s indispensable for parents to have a London schoolwear supplier that they can trust. Throwing in lunchboxes, backpacks, pencil cases and enrichment activity clothes for ballet or martial arts makes the whole process fulfilling and – every parents’ dream – easy.

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Holidays are easygoing with Minibus Hire

With the summer coming to an end, now is the best time to discover England’€™s €˜green and pleasant land€™. And minibus hire is an enchanting way to travel, with the scenic routes and unexpected discoveries that the UK’s roads have to offer.

Whilst driving is a slower way to get from A to B than other methods such as flying or high-speed rail, there is an undeniable appeal to driving across country. Luxury travel is almost always very costly by rail or air, and economy tickets mean overcrowding, noise and bustle, whether it’s a run-down train carriage or sitting next to a crying baby on board an airplane. But luxury coach hire is inexpensive and peaceful, giving a smooth and tranquil journey – no crying babies!

And minibus hire isn’t just for country getaways. Britain has some of the most dynamic and diverse cities in the world, from bustling London to Brighton by the sea or the beautiful architecture of Edinburgh’s streets. Each UK city is entirely individual, and there’™s something new to discover in each one of them. There’€™s so much to discover in the UK, and with coach hire London citizens can whisk themselves off to anywhere they want to go, whether it’€™s a Valentine’s city break in Bath or Cambridge or a isolated country exploration to the beautiful Canvey Island or the Kent Downs.

Londoners travelling to commemorate a special event are one of the most commonplace groups to opt for the easy and inexpensive coach hire London providers can offer. Weddings, anniversaries and birthdays often mean extensive families coming together. Families often hire entire hotels for celebrations, yet travel in many cars. But with luxury coach hire, the entire family can travel en masse, enjoying the journey as much as the destination.

With the rise in popularity of fine dining recently, people love to travel long distances to visit Michelin starred eateries. By grabbing a group of like-minded friends, food-lovers can fantasise about the restaurant of their dreams without worrying about car sharing. Or for large groups, luxury coach hire is a wonderful option which means that there’s no need to draw lots for the tiring responsibility of ‘designated driver’.

Our Britain is worth discovering, and whether it’s a longing for the Yorkshire Dales, a pint of Guinness in Dublin, or an amble through the New Forest, minibus hire allows travellers to discover the most picturesque route possible, all in the peace and quiet of luxury travel.Â

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Recovery Audit Software Cuts Time, Expense And Errors

Most small and medium-sized firms deal with a large range of customers, suppliers and employees. What this means is that many thousands of transactions could be processed every month, with funds coming in and going out as invoices are paid and obligations met. Each one of those is a source of potential error, which is why an accounts payable audit can dig up some surprising results.

There are more than a dozen different kinds of overpayment or mistaken payment than can happen, one of the most routine of which are duplicate payments – put simply, when an invoice is paid twice. This, and other kinds of overpayment, can occur through accident or fraud. If an audit turns up a significant amount of expenditure due to these unnecessary payments – as it almost certainly will – then recovery audit software enables you to claw back the lost money.

It is only natural that glitches will occur with such a complicated and wide-ranging accounting system. Human error explains most of it: assuming that your payments are processed manually, your accounts department can easily process an invoice twice, or make other mistakes. This is almost unavoidable. Even if it could be fixed, you are not responsible for the invoices submitted by your suppliers. They may not be as scrupulous, and some may even be dishonest, realising that they can get errors past your accounts department that work in their favour.

This may seem like an infrequent occurrence, but the fact is that the average SME could be processing thousands of payments or more every single month. Even if a small percentage of these are false, the result is cumulative and can be huge. Remember, turnover is not the same as profit. Some estimates suggest that between 0.1 and 0.5 percent of turnover is given up due to duplicate payments and other mistakes. If your business is already struggling then this could make all the difference between sinking and swimming. That’s where the accounts payable audit comes in, finding all of those instances in which overpayments have been made, this month and in the past. Then recovery audit software allows you to chase up those suppliers and other parties who have received more than their due from you. In most cases the explanation will simply be that it was a mistake. In a small minority, though, it could be down to fraud, in which case you may want to take legal action, or at least end doing business with them.

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Commercial Property North London – to purchase or to rent?

Commercial property in North London is subject to change at a second’s notice. Fluid demographic trends, new economic figures, the ups-and-downs of the retail sector: in order to grab a bargain you have to be prepared to put in the time and keep up with what’s happening. The choice of whether to look for shops to rent in north London or go all-in and look for a shop for sale in London will depend very much on what relative costs are doing at any one time, as well as the long-term prospects and, of course, your own financial status.

As things currently stand, there is significant downward pressure on retail rents across London. There are a number of reasons for this, but chief amongst them are continuing economic worries, and limited confidence in the Eurozone, as well as the competition represented by the ever-growing online market. Several high-profile bankruptcies – very recent and more broadly since the beginning of the Credit Crunch – have underscored the fragility of the high street. 2012 was not a good year, with Blockbuster, HMV and Jessops (to name just three) dropping from the scene.

Why might this be good news? Well, it’s a brave firm that looks to set up in this climate, for starters. But those businesses which do get going in a recession are generally leaner and tougher than the ones which start in good years. Plus, rents are lower at the moment than at any period in the recent past. Empty shops mean decreasing rents, and many surveyors think the trend may continue longer still. This is in contrast to the industrial and office sector, where demand is gradually picking up.

Where does this leave you? If you are looking for shops to let in north London, there may never be as good a time as now. If your business is viable and waiting to start – or expand – then you can snatch a bargain and hit the ground running. If you’re a landlord looking for a shop for sale in London to add to your portfolio, then this presents a rather different dynamic, with lower yields than you might otherwise enjoy. The key thing is to remember that the commercial property London market is not homogeneous; the headline figures you read in the papers hide a vast difference between sectors and in different areas. Choose carefully, plan well and act decisively – and you won’t regret it.

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PowerPoint Presentations …Easy to do, Hard to do right

The strength and sophistication of Powerpoint means that it is now extremely easy to put together sales presentations that are accompanied by all kinds of supplementary data and information. powerpoint presentations are practically de rigeur in the industry; without one audiences feel that there is something missing. However, the relative difficulty of effective Powerpoint design means that it is extremely easy to put together a slideshow that actually adds very little to a presentation; in fact, it can detract from your talk, leaving the audience bored and frustrated. We have all had to sit through bad presentations. In many cases, the slideshow feels like a bolt-on extra: something that has been added almost as an afterthought. This is because in many cases, it has – simply because it is expected.

To create a good Powerpoint presentation you have to bear in mind a few principles. The slides should complement your talk, not duplicate it. Again, you will doubtless have had to endure talks in which the slides simply repeat the spoken content – sometimes verbatim. The purpose of the slides is to support and illustrate the spoken material, making it more memorable and full of impact. Instead, they are often used to render it redundant.

Complexity is another key issue. Many beginners make the mistake of packing too much information into a slide, on the grounds that a picture is worth a thousand words. Simplicity is better, though this does not mean dumbing down your message. You are generally looking for bold, straightforward ways of communicating key statistics, facts and information. If there is too much on the screen then your audience will be distracted from your talk as they struggle to decipher and digest it. Graphs can be very powerful, since they can be used to show trends that otherwise take a great deal of description. You should add legends or brief bits of text to your slides, but not too much. You want your audience to know exactly what you are showing them, without giving them more than they need.

In the end, powerpoint presentations are supposed to complement your talk, not to replace it or duplicate it. Sales presentations are all about being convincing and communicating your message as clearly and succinctly as possible. Look for the take-home points, the ideas that you want people to remember above all else. Make sure your Powerpoint design helps you achieve this, rather than obscuring it.

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Coach hire London provides inexpensive travel

coach hire london has been beset by a negative reputation for too long. Frequently associated with crowds of tourists blocking the roads and famous sights, or with hoards of school children being taken to the museums and galleries for the day, it is now time to reflect upon coaches as an option for anyone in need of an inexpensive vehicle with the room to carry a sizeable group of people. In any case, who are we to look down our noses at visitors and youngsters to whom a visit via coach to the capital via coach offers enormous cultural wealth? Luxury coach hire is of course another matter; less the domain of package holidays and pedagogical institutions, than the superior option for those with a little more money to spend on a truly memorable experience of getting from A to B or of going on tour. Indeed, if you’re planning a tour then coach hire really will deliver: unlike public transport where the routes are prearranged and sometimes send you out of your way, your coach driver will take you exactly where you want to go, using the roads and routes that make most sense. Large bands of musicians, theatre troupes and sports teams doing the rounds of concert halls and stadiums will really benefit from the kind of personalised travel that coaches afford. Smaller parties, meanwhile, might consider accessing these same privileges if they resort to minibus hire.

Minibus hire will customarily cater for groups of between 8 and 33 people, with a few popular sizes having eight, twelve, fifteen or seventeen seats, including the driver. As such, travelling by minibus can accommodate sizeable families wanting to travel together for events such as weddings, get-togethers at Christmas or Easter, or even for family holidays in the UK or further afield. Minibuses certainly allow you to carry more luggage with you, enjoy a convivial atmosphere, and leave you less vulnerable than you might be with a caravan or trailer bringing up the rear.

coach hire london or minibus hire has also earned plenty of popularity amongst groups of people arranging stag or hen parties away from their usual haunts. In this instance, hiring a vehicle makes extra sense in terms of safety. If you afford the services of a designated driver you can avoid all concerns associated with drink driving. You can even transform your vehicle into a personalised party bus, and upgrade to luxury coach hire if you please.

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Document processing is more efficient when done online

Automated document processing has been a common and cost-effective method of handling invoices and other records electronically for 50+ years. The capability to scan a document into a computer’s automation software on arrival simplifies the entire process of invoice processing.

No longer do company staff need to go through a lengthy manual filing process of up to 15 steps before an invoice can be paid. These days, accounts payable employees bank on automated document management systems to do the hard work for them. Intelligent Data Capture (IDC) systems save employee time and reduce the risk of human error in a way that, not too long ago, would have seemed unthinkable.

Sometimes, there is the complicationof different companies using different invoice processing systems, or of dealing with a company that is stuck in the past, still completing all of their filing and processing by hand. However, there is a broad consensus across industries that automated systems represent the future of administrative business tasks, and it’s not likely to be long before most companies catch up, especially given the saving of time and error that comes with using automated document management.There is such a big variety of types of files that can benefit from automated document processing, especially given the growth in traceability and communication that has come with the universality of the net. Most companies use automated databases to keep information about sales suppliers employee payroll and performance, as well as to produce pay slips and periodic progress reports.

Another little-appreciated advantage to automating invoice processing and other documentation management is an eco-friendly one. Businesses who take the step to bring filing and databasing online save large amounts of paperwork, especially using innovations like electronic invoices and purchasing orders. Just think about how many trees are downed per year to supply printed invoices, pay slips and sales orders. Most people aren’t aware of the scale of this problem, but almost all companies are more than aware of the exorbitant cost of printing sheet after sheet of paper – often only to feed that information back into a computer manually.

But all of those filing cabinets full of ecologically-unfriendly paperwork are becoming a thing of the past as more and more managing directors realize the importance of cloud-based digital document management. Outsourcing gives companies the liberty to spend valuable time focusing on raising sales, brand awareness and manufacturing levels, whilst able to sleep easily, knowing that the day-to-day filing tasks are taken care of.

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Bacs payments and the problem of transaction reversibility

Bacs, or Bankers Automated Clearing Software, has been around a long time. Essentially, though, bacs payments simply mean transferring money directly from one bank account into another. FPS or Faster Payments Service is essentially the same, but it generally happens almost immediately, whereas Bacs takes up to three working days. Bacs software is therefore different to credit or debit card payments, and has advantages and disadvantages in comparison.

Since bacs payments are made directly from one bank account into another, they are effectively irreversible. With credit cards, the transaction can be cancelled and the money returned to you if there is good reason (such as fraud, or the goods you ordered turned out not to be as advertised, or never turned up at all). With bacs, this is far harder. That is a good thing for merchants, since you won’t have to worry about customers making unjustified chargebacks if they change their minds. For buyers, though, it means transactions cannot be undone. In most cases, this will not be a problem because bacs tends to be used for paying suppliers and for employees’ wages, and so on. These are generally predictable and are paid in arrears. However, if a mistake (such as a typo) occurs, it is not a simple matter to reclaim the money. Without the goodwill of the recipient, it can be extremely time-consuming. If you are making monthly payments, it might simply be easier to adjust the next one rather than rectify the last one.

Bacs software can be integrated into your accounting package to ensure that mistakes don’t routinely happen due to human error, but it’s impossible to eliminate them altogether. That bacs payments are made in their millions every day proves that this need not be a fatal flaw for bacs, and that there’s no reason your organisation should not use it too. Indeed, the advantages far outweigh any minor problems that might arise from its use. Bacs is more secure, faster and easier than paying by cash or cheque. It’s also the standard, now – or, at least, FPS is – which means that if you’re still paying by more traditional methods then you will naturally find yourself at a competitive disadvantage. There is really no good reason to hold large amounts of cash on the premises or to use time-consuming and inefficient cheques when instant and straightforward transfers are possible at minimal cost.

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