Advice on introducing invoice processing to your office systems

Document management is by all accounts a revolution hitting the modern workplace.  Piles of paperwork and thousands of pounds lost from human error could soon become a thing of the past.  By way of explanation, a document management system is an IT system or set of computer programs used to track and store electronic documents and/or images of paper documents.  This allows accounts departments to get on with document processing and invoice processing in a much more effective way than ever before.

A document management system is often also capable of keeping track of the different versions of documents created by various users, which is termed history tracking.  The term has some overlap with the concepts of content management systems.  It is often seen as a component of enterprise content management systems, and is related to digital asset management, document imaging, workflow systems and records management systems.

The progression towards this type of system began in the 1980s, when various vendors began working on systems to manage paper-based documents.  For many businesses, the sheer number of paper documents that were piling up was becoming something of an issue.  The new systems dealt with paper documents, which included not only printed and published documents, but also photographs and prints.  Later on, developers began to create another type of system which could manage electronic documents.  This meant that all documents or files created on computers and stored on local file systems could be controlled electronically.  The older electronic management systems managed either proprietary type files, or a limited number of file formats.  Many of these systems became known as document imaging systems, because they were effective at the capture, storage, indexing and retrieval of image file formats.  The systems enabled an organization to capture faxes and forms, to save copies of the documents as images, and to store the image files in a repository for security and immediate retrieval.

The creation of complex and effective document management systems has made a significant difference in improving processes in many modern offices.  The sheer convenience of automating document processing systems leaves one wondering why it did not become the norm years ago.  For anybody whose job involves invoice processing, this certainly seems to be something worth sitting up and taking notice of.  The only problem may be for filing cabinet manufacturers, as storing piles of paper documents is becoming increasingly unnecessary.  Perhaps they will need to think about diversifying and creating products to support electronic products.

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IT support London comes top of the ratings

When asked to cite the most stressful aspects of day-to-day business management, most business managers will list IT headaches amongst their top irritants. Computers crashing at crucial moments, networks failing as a deadline nears, machines that should talk to each other but won’t. The list is familiar. The added headache for small to medium businesses is that they may have either very limited on-site IT support or none at all. Luckily, if you need a different fix for computer support, London has a growing alternative solution. In fact, if you need an affordable solution to it support London is definitely the place to be.

Just as few of us service our cars these days, good managers rarely have the time to stay on top of all the new technology on the market. It’s no surprise then that there is a burgeoning market in freelance IT support. In the current climate, keeping overheads down is crucial and parachuting in a technician on an occasional or emergency basis can prove to be a significant cost-saving over maintaining a full-time IT manager. London being the business magnet that it is, the capital boasts a wide range of specialist IT support businesses which can offer many of the advantages of in-house support without the price tag.

Not every IT support business is of the same calibre, though, and it can be tricky to differentiate. Key selling points to look for are whether an engineer or just an administrator will pick up the phone, as speed is often of the essence in high-pressure situations. Does your business need 24-hour coverage or business hours only? Is there an office fairly nearby should you need on-site support at short notice? These are all big considerations.

Many smaller businesses will also benefit from a company who can recommend how your IT needs can best be met and what software and hardware to buy in order to avoid some of these issues coming up in the first place. There’s so much out there, the market changes fast and you have so many better things to be doing with your time so using an independent consultant to research, source and install your IT kit makes a lot of sense. An independent organisation will also tend to recommend what’s right for your sector and business, rather than being tied to a specific software or hardware manufacturer who might not offer the best solutions for your niche or the best prices either.

These days, far more glitches can be solved by remote access than before (FWCS IT support, for instance, reckon on solving 98% of faults over the phone) but if you need someone to come in person to offer computer support London is, as for so many other business services, the best-placed for variety and quality of service. However, although in terms of buying in independent it support London excels, this concept is a trend which is growing fast across the country and most major cities are starting to catch up in an effort not to be left behind.

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Jobs in radiography present a rewarding and unusual challenge

For anybody looking for a career that offers a real challenge as well as an appealing employment package and the rewards of doing a job that’s really worthwhile, the allied health professions offer a variety of opportunities.  These are clinical health professions that are distinct from medicine, dentistry and nursing, and many people do not know enough about them to consider them seriously when thinking about career options. The jobs range from jobs in occupational therapy, to physiotherapy and jobs in radiography.  If you are interested in this sector then they are surely worth researching.

Allied health professionals are important members of today’s healthcare team, providing treatment that helps make a real difference to people’s lives.  Many people are attracted to allied health jobs because of the opportunity they offer to work one a one-to-one basis with patients every day, making a real and discernible positive difference to their lives.  You might find yourself treating a broken toe or trying to find out what’s going on in someone’s mind, and the opportunities are so varied that there will be something in the allied health professions that appeals to you whether you are interested in science or the arts, the body or the mind.

Acquiring the knowledge and skills to become a radiographer or physiotherapist will demand training and study, either at degree or diploma level. There is also a range of vital support roles that do not require any particular academic qualifications.  Allied health professionals carry their own case-loads and work as independent professionals.  For example, they might work directly with a patient to create interactive therapies to help recovery.  Whilst this is an important element of the job, health and social care today is about teamwork, so AHPs will be part of a team, and may lead one.  This might mean working alongside GPs, doctors, teachers or social workers.

Allied health jobs may send you to hospitals, clinics, housing services, people’s home, or schools and colleges for work.  The academic requirements and training demands of jobs in radiography or jobs in occupational therapy can be demanding, but the rewards are high too.  Job satisfaction and career prospects are particularly good in this line of work.  If you want to find a job that will stretch your mind while allowing you to make a massive difference to many people and constantly develop your skills, it is certainly worth giving careful consideration to this sector.

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