Sales presentations frequently fail to stand out

PowerPoint presentations are the conventional means of transmitting messages in a wide range of business contexts. They are used as sales presentations, business pitches to potential clients, suppliers or partners, or internal performance evaluations, to name just a few of these contexts. In any case it is not controversial to say that PowerPoint is an absolutely vital business tool, and it follows that a company with a tight grasp of quality PowerPoint design holds a significant edge over competitors who do not. This applies to all contexts of business where PowerPoint is a necessary tool.

To make good quality presentations you will require several ingredients. Most obviously, you need an excellent grasp of the software and its capabilities. This means having an in-depth understanding each of the functions available in the program. If we’re honest we’ve all come across a hurdle and had to consult a forum, asking “how do you do x, y or z in PowerPoint”. It takes time, with no guarantee that a satisfactory answer will be found.

Beyond an awareness and a proficiency in the workings of the program, you need the ability to integrate its possibilities with the overall message that you are trying to convey. This requires something more than mere computer skills: it requires skill, forethought, even creativity. This is as important as the message you are trying to get across. When a job is not done carefully it is in danger of coming apart at the seams, and PowerPoint presentations are no different. Many a great idea has come unstuck in the world of business exactly because of issues in the presentation.

Imagine, say, that you are trying to motivate your workforce, perhaps by showing statistics of the previous year’s achievements, or by sharing with them your objectives for the year ahead. If you cannot provide the information or data in an inspiring way, a large portion of your PowerPoint presentations will be lost in tedium resulting from uninspired presentation. Similarly, your sales presentations to potential clients need to be eye-catching and concise; there is no room for irrelevant information. Sometimes the people you pitch to have to watch over ten pitches in a day: this can be very boring, and you must not leave it to a tired audience to filter through poor PowerPoint design to find out that your ideas are worth listening to.

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School uniforms without the agony

If you went to a school with a uniform, and most of us in Britain did, then you will remember the annual pain of obtaining school clothes for the new year. Twenty years ago and more, before supermarkets sold basic school uniforms and before the growth of the internet, children and teenagers, already glum about the end of the long summer holidays, were dragged kicking and screaming into either one of the larger department stores or into a local outfitters to be subjected to hours of trying on too-big clothing. And that was before you repeated the whole torturous exercise with shoes! Thankfully, a London schoolwear supplier, Uniform4kids, has transformed the whole shopping experience for both Mums and school children, meaning that both can now relax during the last moments of summer while all the school uniform items needed are ordered on-line and dispatched to the door.

Many of the previous disadvantages of shopping for school uniforms have now been removed, and it’s advantageous for the suppliers as well as the purchasers. In the “bad old days”, both average-sized kids and those needing more unusual sizes missed out with traditional outlets running out of the normal sizes and often failing to stock the larger or more petite options for a specific school. This doesn’t have to be an issue with on-line purchasing as the on-line suppliers can keep all the uniforms needed in large warehousing complexes out of town and can have large stocks of the items common to several schools in the region – the grey trousers, the navy pinafore dresses and the ubiquitous plimsolls. Parking issues are entirely irrelevant, let alone the threat of having to make a return visit if an item wasn’t in stock.

These on-line stores are particularly popular with schools with a number of distinctive uniform items. A growing number of schools are returning to the blazer, shirt and tie style and are moving away from the more casual school sweatshirts popular for the last couple of decades, convinced that smart clothing leads to better behaviour and a more serious learning environment.

National organisations are also in on the game with Brownie, Cub, Scout and Guide uniforms available from the on-line suppliers, as well as generic exercise and sports equipment. It really is the ultimate one-stop shopping experience.

Although catching on outside the capital, it makes sense that London schoolwear suppliers have expanded on the on-line supply model first. With so many schools in a relatively dense area and the legendary issues of parking to shop in the capital, it’s no wonder parents see buying school clothes by the traditional method as a treat they can easily forgo. It may not be long before going into a traditional outfitters to buy school uniforms becomes just a painful memory of the past. But for those rare parents who used to enjoy taking their children uniform shopping, all is not lost. You still have to buy the shoes!

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Hospitality jobs Singapore can give you

The hospitality industry in Britain took a pounding during the recession, as people resolved to stay at home rather than enjoy eating out and going on trips. Food delivery companies and supermarkets did well out of the dip, but hotels, restaurants and theme parks took a knock. Now, the country is rising out of recession, but the service and hospitality sectors are still struggling. If you are seeking for hospitality jobs singapore might be one area where there is still demand. Or, for hotel jobs Dubai might be a welcome change. When it comes to looking for work in a hard industry, like hotel jobs, Gulf states might be able to offer something that the UK can’t.

Although Dubai, along with other places, was seriously affected by the recession, the tourism industry is still very strong there. In fact, Dubai is one of the most visited cities in the world. (In particular, it is very popular with shoppers and has been called the ‘shopping capital of the Middle East.’) That brings with it opportunities for anyone with a stake in the hospitality industry. Plus, the prognosis is good: by 2015, by some reckonings, the city will see 15 million tourists per year.

The Gulf offers a different sort of life than the one you will be used to in this country. Of course, one of the biggest differences is the heat. Famed for its cold and rainy weather, the UK is rarely a destination for sun-worshippers. The Gulf, on the other hand, is hot by British standards almost all year round. Further east, Singapore’s tropical climate is as different again to the dry heat. Then there is the culture change. Although some of the expectations might be difficult to adjust to in the short term, there is much that Brits find a welcome change when they repatriate East.

For hotel jobs Gulf locations give much for those in the hospitality industry. Dubai’s economy is reliant on tourism, so if you need to narrow your search for hotel jobs Dubai might be one place to look at more closely. If you’re looking further east still for hospitality jobs, Singapore also has loads in the way of vacancies. The pay is generally good, there are a huge range of roles available, and you will have all the added benefits of travelling and experiencing a different way of life for the time of your career there.

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Kickboxing London has all you could want

When it comes to kickboxing London has all the clubs you could want. The capital has tons of different venues for training, meaning that if you live in London kickboxing classes are easy to find and you should be able to choose one that suits your needs. Kickboxing – which is something of a generic term for a hybrid martial art that pulls techniques from a wide range of sources – is practised for a huge range of different reasons, by both men and women, of all ages. Some people do it for the sparring, enjoying the rush of facing an opponent in the ring – although you will clearly need to learn the basics thoroughly before progressing to this. Others do so for the exercise; kickboxing is a top workout, since it combines excellent cardiovascular fitness with strength conditioning, as well as flexibility. Other fans go for fun, because they enjoy meeting other like-minded people, or because they want to learn some self defence. Depending on the London kickboxing club you try, you may find that some or all of these factors are prioritised.

As the name suggests, kickboxing involves learning fighting skills based on a number of kicks and punches. However, there is much more to it than this. You will need to learn blocks to both, and the footwork to go with them. Different styles have differing levels of complexity. In addition, depending on the club and style, you may learn more techniques, such as self-defence moves, which may incorporate techniques from other styles, perhaps locks, throws and other grappling movements. (However, if you are looking to major in the grappling techniques, then kickboxing itself may not be for you – there are plenty of styles, such as Judo and ju-jitsu, which focus on locks, holds and throws as an ends in themselves, far more than hand and foot strikes.)

London kickboxing classes are run by many different organisations and individuals, meaning that one London kickboxing club will not necessarily be like another. It’s an idea to research what you can expect by looking at their website and asking around if you’re in any doubt, although most clubs will be very approachable and many will offer free taster sessions in order to help you make up your mind without committing on a long-term basis. Thus, if you’re wanting to try some kickboxing London has all the variety you’ll need, whether you’re looking to make new friends, learn some self-defence or drop a few pounds as part of your new year’s resolutions.

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What is the best way to look for social work jobs?

There are some people who feel vaguely that social work jobs might be for them, but perhaps do not have a very clear idea of what they actually entail.  Those who are honestly thinking about social services jobs might find it useful to give some further consideration to what a career in this sector is really like.  The following article explores day to day life in social worker jobs, and considers how one might go about finding work in this field.

Social workers offer a range of services to those in the community who require their help.  This might involve emotional support, giving advice, or working with the local community to help ensure somebody has the resources to deal with whatever issues they might be experiencing.  For vulnerable people, the complex network of care pathways offered by the state, from medical help to social services and legal advisors, can seem a very complex path to navigate.  Social services jobs are there to ensure that the person in question has somebody ‘in the system’ on their side.

Those who work in this field will find themselves working with various other professionals as a sort of go-between.  A typical example would be a healthcare team for a patient with a long term illness.  A social worker on a healthcare team will be responsible for assessing the patient’s needs based on factors such as educational level, support from friends and family, and financial situation, to enable them to advise the healthcare professionals on how best to care for the patient in question.  They might be able to support the team  with issues such as how to treat the patient, how to interact with them, and how their illness can best be managed.

The majority of people in social services jobs have a bachelors degree in a related subject, and some have a masters or doctoral qualification.  This kind of training can really help to ensure that a social worker has the best possible understanding of how to help the person in their care.  Some practical work experience is also likely to be helpful when looking for vacancies in this field.

With the right attitudes and qualifications, social work jobs should not be overly difficult to come by.  It is worth giving some thought to whether you are interested in social services jobs with children or adults, as some people specialise in one or the other.  There is so much variety in most social worker jobs that one need not be concerned about specialising, the work is sure to be interesting whoever you are working with.

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A short term loan can be a way out of short-term problems

Christmas isn’t supposed to be all about presents, tension and expenses, but for many it can turn out that way. A huge number of families go into debt over the holiday period – in fact, it can often take almost the whole of the next year to pay it back. A lot of that debt will be on credit cards and overdrafts, but sometimes there’s a problem more worrying than the interest rates – fines for late payments, and even worse at times. Those are the occasions when a cash advance might make sense. Instant loan approval can have the result that a sum of money is in your bank account on the same day (for an additional fee), or within the normal three days. Such a short term loan might be the answer to the problems caused by overspending in the run-up to Christmas.

Whenever you think about taking advantage of such a loan, it’s important to do the maths before you do. The only question you really need to ask is whether it makes sense financially. If the consequences of not securing such a loan – which are typically given for a period of one month, at rates of around 30 percent – are more expensive than the cost of the loan, then that may be all you need to know. If not, and there are alternatives, that’s another answer. There’s also the short-term/long-term problem: if securing a short-term loan is just a strategy of staving off problems until the next month, when the same thing will happen again, then it’s not really a fix at all. It simply delays the inevitable of rewriting your budget and getting to grips with the figures of income and outgoing – and curtailing expenditure to sustainable levels.

Thus it’s best to consider a cash advance as a last-ditch solution to money problems, if the consequences of not taking a short-term loan will be more problematic. Instant loan approval certainly has its place, but it’s not for everyone. Many people will be able to find an advance more cheaply – assuming you have access to credit cards and overdrafts, you shouldn’t need one. Others will not, and if there are no alternatives then it may be worth looking into. Fortunately, as the name suggests, the loans are almost instant; fees should also be stated somewhere obvious, and the credit check carried out online and usually within a couple of minutes of your application. Companies screen their clients carefully to make sure you’re likely to be able to repay, too, as non-payment isn’t good for either of you.

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How to inspect your system for a phono amp

Technology has progressed a lot since the old era of vinyl. The digital age means that not only is sound quality different (not necessarily better, though – a lot of people find digital sound too sanitised for their tastes) but the spec of the hardware used to play it have also changed. If you’re using a modern stereo system but still want to play vinyl off a turntable through it, there’s a strong chance you will need to invest in a phono stage (also known as a phono preamp or sometimes a phono amp) before you can get a signal worth putting through your speakers.

The snag is that the output from turntables tends to be a fraction of the output from current digital sources like MP3 and CD players. Thus, if you hook a record player – made for an amplifier/speaker set built to comparable specifications – up to your 21st century stereo system, the chances are that you won’t get a signal strong enough to give you any kind of decent playback quality. At best, you will have to turn the volume right up to be able to hear anything – meaning that you will also receive a disappointing amount of static and crackle, too.

A phono stage fixes this problem by amplifying the signal from the turntable and producing something that will function as an input to your stereo. Very few modern stereos have these phono amps built in – there is no need, as fairly few people still listen to vinyl. Check the back of your amp – there will likely be a range of inputs for different sources. If you’ve got one there marked ‘phono’ or ‘record player’ you’re probably fine. If not, then you’re going to need something to adapt the signal before you can plug it into one of the other inputs – the signal will now work in the ‘CD’, ‘video’ or other plug.

If you’ve forked out a decent amount of money on a stereo and a turntable for your old vinyl (or new, if you’re a current collector), then it’s also worth spending a reasonable sum on a good phono stage. A basic phono preamp will boost the signal to the right level, but if you want sound quality to match the quality of your existing equipment, then it’s best not to bargain-hunt. Purchase a good phono amp too, or you will find that this component is the weak link in your system.

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