Recovery Audit Software, Duplicate Payments – and your profit margin…

To err is human, even for humans who work in the accounts division. Sooner or later, someone is going to make a mistake paying an invoice, and it will cost you. That’s obvious: it’s just the law of averages. The question is, how regularly will it happen and what will the end cost be to your firm? Intuitively, you might guess it’s small, but the reality is quite different. Industry estimates show that one in every thousand transactions is an overpayment. There are many different reasons this can occur, but the most problematic is duplicate payments – where, by accident or dishonest design, the same invoice is paid twice. One in a thousand may not seem like too many, but it all adds up. And if you’re a business that relies on very large volumes of low-value transactions – high numbers of low-margin payments – then you could be in a lot of trouble. Recovery audit software will pinpoint where this is happening and help you get back the money paid, assuming you act soon. An accounts payable audit shows you who still owes you money that, due to oversight or problems in your accounting systems, has never been received.

The larger your business, the greater this problem is likely to be – and not just because it means a larger number of transactions to go wrong. When you are making and receiving a lot of payments, it gets harder and harder to see the incorrect ones. These could be due to genuine misunderstanding, or in the worst cases, fraud. If a supplier is raising the same invoice every month, it gets easier to send in a repeat which gets in under the radar: the source of many duplicate payments. Of course, the same thing can happen through forgetfulness or accident. Either way, you’ll end up overpaying unless someone sees it, and in a busy accounts department there’s no way that someone will be able to remember and look over all of your payments personally. That’s why recovery audit software can be so helpful, usually paying for itself the first time you use it. And problems with your accounts cut both ways. You may be overpaying other people, and your customers and others could be underpaying you. These payments can become buried in the system, with nothing in place to chase them up. An accounts payable audit searches out the offenders and ensures that they settle their bills.

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Commercial Property London Helps Build Strong Communities.

As east London loses its youthful desirability due to the increased prices commercial property london, the north retains much of its long-established charm. While areas like Islington are clearly chic and costly, many of the local neighbourhoods are more down to earth and able to attract a diverse set of residents and clientèle. Therefore, shops to rent in north London offer exhilarating opportunities for those who are planning to grow their businesses. Camden and Holloway Road are two north London locales that could do with having some new life breathed into them. And new shops and other businesses setting up here have the ability to do just that. Many people think that the best business opportunities exist in the online realm these days. In fact, this thinking is misguided: with so much competition on the internet it is really difficult to establish customer loyalty. Fast and often short-term solutions are sought online whereas a shop for sale in London can exist as a community hub offering a whole lot more than an affordable product.

Indeed, in an era where many of us work in relative separation, beavering away in an office with our computer screens for company and little communal space available even during lunch breaks, it is physical social space that we long for more and more. The commercial properties available in London can of course be used as office spaces to let or as internet cafés, perhaps only furthering 21st century alienation at the hands of technology. However, traditional cafés, film rental shops, commercial art studios, restaurants and independent shops offer spaces to reflect, talk with the owners and fellow customers, and to receive a personally tailored service that suits your needs. The Film Shop, existing in three different London locations is just one sort of a business that is really encouraging community feeling. These small premises, painted in stylish black and white, contain staff members to whom the term film buff almost does them an injustice. Because the staff here have a wealth, nay a mine of film-based knowledge and can recommend you something you’re sure to like just by asking you a few simple questions about your interests.

Specialists like these film experts are the types of people that north London requires on its high streets. And if they have long term vision and financial encouragement, a shop for sale in London can offer the sticking power that shops to rent in north London do not. Whatever the entrepreneurial project, commercial property london provides what the web simply does not.

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Holidays are easygoing with Minibus Hire

With the summer coming to an end, now is the best time to discover England’€™s €˜green and pleasant land€™. And minibus hire is an enchanting way to travel, with the scenic routes and unexpected discoveries that the UK’s roads have to offer.

Whilst driving is a slower way to get from A to B than other methods such as flying or high-speed rail, there is an undeniable appeal to driving across country. Luxury travel is almost always very costly by rail or air, and economy tickets mean overcrowding, noise and bustle, whether it’s a run-down train carriage or sitting next to a crying baby on board an airplane. But luxury coach hire is inexpensive and peaceful, giving a smooth and tranquil journey – no crying babies!

And minibus hire isn’t just for country getaways. Britain has some of the most dynamic and diverse cities in the world, from bustling London to Brighton by the sea or the beautiful architecture of Edinburgh’s streets. Each UK city is entirely individual, and there’™s something new to discover in each one of them. There’€™s so much to discover in the UK, and with coach hire London citizens can whisk themselves off to anywhere they want to go, whether it’€™s a Valentine’s city break in Bath or Cambridge or a isolated country exploration to the beautiful Canvey Island or the Kent Downs.

Londoners travelling to commemorate a special event are one of the most commonplace groups to opt for the easy and inexpensive coach hire London providers can offer. Weddings, anniversaries and birthdays often mean extensive families coming together. Families often hire entire hotels for celebrations, yet travel in many cars. But with luxury coach hire, the entire family can travel en masse, enjoying the journey as much as the destination.

With the rise in popularity of fine dining recently, people love to travel long distances to visit Michelin starred eateries. By grabbing a group of like-minded friends, food-lovers can fantasise about the restaurant of their dreams without worrying about car sharing. Or for large groups, luxury coach hire is a wonderful option which means that there’s no need to draw lots for the tiring responsibility of ‘designated driver’.

Our Britain is worth discovering, and whether it’s a longing for the Yorkshire Dales, a pint of Guinness in Dublin, or an amble through the New Forest, minibus hire allows travellers to discover the most picturesque route possible, all in the peace and quiet of luxury travel.Â

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Coach hire London provides inexpensive travel

coach hire london has been beset by a negative reputation for too long. Frequently associated with crowds of tourists blocking the roads and famous sights, or with hoards of school children being taken to the museums and galleries for the day, it is now time to reflect upon coaches as an option for anyone in need of an inexpensive vehicle with the room to carry a sizeable group of people. In any case, who are we to look down our noses at visitors and youngsters to whom a visit via coach to the capital via coach offers enormous cultural wealth? Luxury coach hire is of course another matter; less the domain of package holidays and pedagogical institutions, than the superior option for those with a little more money to spend on a truly memorable experience of getting from A to B or of going on tour. Indeed, if you’re planning a tour then coach hire really will deliver: unlike public transport where the routes are prearranged and sometimes send you out of your way, your coach driver will take you exactly where you want to go, using the roads and routes that make most sense. Large bands of musicians, theatre troupes and sports teams doing the rounds of concert halls and stadiums will really benefit from the kind of personalised travel that coaches afford. Smaller parties, meanwhile, might consider accessing these same privileges if they resort to minibus hire.

Minibus hire will customarily cater for groups of between 8 and 33 people, with a few popular sizes having eight, twelve, fifteen or seventeen seats, including the driver. As such, travelling by minibus can accommodate sizeable families wanting to travel together for events such as weddings, get-togethers at Christmas or Easter, or even for family holidays in the UK or further afield. Minibuses certainly allow you to carry more luggage with you, enjoy a convivial atmosphere, and leave you less vulnerable than you might be with a caravan or trailer bringing up the rear.

coach hire london or minibus hire has also earned plenty of popularity amongst groups of people arranging stag or hen parties away from their usual haunts. In this instance, hiring a vehicle makes extra sense in terms of safety. If you afford the services of a designated driver you can avoid all concerns associated with drink driving. You can even transform your vehicle into a personalised party bus, and upgrade to luxury coach hire if you please.

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Brise soleil -€“ the simple option for reducing bills

A brise soleil typically takes the form of a slatted design attached to a building to moderate the amount of sunlight that enters it at different times. They may be mounted vertically, like a wall, or horizontally, like a kind of awning. In each case, the position of the slats allows sunlight to enter a building at lower intensities – for example, during the early morning and late afternoon, or during the winter months. At these points, the light comes from a lower angle, closer to the horizon. In the summer and at hotter times of day, the slats bar the light from the windows. Glass louvres and other external louvres are similar solutions that can be retrofitted to buildings, or alternatively form part of a building’s fundamental design.

The advantages of all of these systems are numerous. The chief benefit is that the buildings to which they are attached are made more comfortable, specifically in terms of temperature. The louvres limit the amount of high-intensity sunlight hitting the windows, whilst allowing passive solar heating at cooler times. This means that they make the buildings cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. That has benefits to both your comfort and your energy bills. Although you may not do away with the need for heating or air-conditioning entirely, brise soleil and louvres make best use of the available sunlight. Better working conditions make for happier employees, too.

Glare is similarly reduced, also making for an environment more conducive to working. For some industries (such as designers and artists) this is important for the preservation of their working materials, too. In other cases glare from the sun is simply an inconvenience which is only uncomfortable but nevertheless highly distracting.

Finally, brise soleil and glass louvres can constitute a key part of the architectural design. External louvres in some cases are a highly attractive feature, and have been built in to make maximum visual impact as well as any benefits in terms of solar heating and cooling. One of the best-known examples of this is the enormous, wing-shaped brise soleil on the Milwaukee Art Museum. This has the additional distinction of being closed at dusk every day, and opened the next day – a celebrated piece of functional art itself. The 217-foot wingspan has become so iconic since its installation in 2001 that it has been adopted as a symbol of the city.

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School uniforms online, the easy way to shop

A good London schoolwear supplier doesn’t just sell school clothes. They sell peace of mind and the knowledge that purchasing school uniforms doesn’t have to entail days of traipsing the high street for every last item your child needs – usually with the child in tow.

Shopping for clothes online has various benefits. For starters, when you buy online – anything, whether it’s clothes, books or computer hardware – you tend to get better prices. That’s because if you buy from a store you’re also paying for their overheads: rent, heating, staffing costs and so on. Not only that but they’re likely to be situated somewhere costly, on the high street where footfall is higher and shops are more competitive. With an online schoolwear supplier, it doesn’t matter where they are operating from. You place your order and it’s posted to your door.

Convenience is another obvious plus. It’s much simpler and less effort to do your shopping over the internet than it is to find the time to travel to the shops and physically search for what you require. You can buy what you want in your lunch hour at work or in the evenings, rather than take a day to get your child kitted out for next term. It also doesn’t matter when you shop – the internet doesn’t have opening hours.

One caveat is sizing, though this doesn’t have to be an insurmountable problem. Take careful measurements and use existing clothes to gauge what you need and you should be able to order school clothes that fit properly without any trouble. On the off-chance that there is a problem, you can always return them and have them exchanged for a different size. Once you have used the same supplier once, you will have a much better idea of how their clothes fit, so it will get easier and easier as time goes on.

A decent London schoolwear supplier will have more than just school clothes. You can treat it like a one stop shop, picking up everything that your child needs – stationary and calculators, equipment for clubs and sports as well as school uniforms. Some will even offer a school delivery service, so even if you leave things until the very last minute you can still make sure the right items will be waiting for them when they arrive at the school gates.

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Centralised document processing turns your data into assets

In a century where technological advancements are (almost) breaking the speed of light, inventing intelligent robots and making world wide connectivity a reality, it makes no sense to still be scrabbling around in filing cabinets looking for that important document placed there many years ago. If space travel is now a possibility, document processing should be a breeze. Document management systems gather all significant information into a central pool which can be made accessible to all your employees. It’s not rocket science, but using a DMS to optimise all operations from customer service to invoice processing will not only save you money but make it go further, and send your business soaring.

All too often, information is trapped in separate email exchanges or even in individuals’ heads. By altering your processes, all of this useful data can be utilised and consequently becomes an asset to your company. Once this data is collated into an electronic library, employees can use indexing, archiving and full text search functions to access thousands of files. Daily internal operations will be made more effective, and the ability of your company to provide a high level of customer service will be increased. This is thanks to the electronically collected material from which target audience data can be quickly and accurately pulled. All of your operations will gain in promptness and professionalism.

More than this, DMS systems can produce very tangible improvements to your company’s financial processes. As already mentioned, centralising your resources makes the most of its asset value. Dependable invoice processing makes the most of your working capital, helps to prevent against duplicate or overdue payments, and improves cash flow. Finally, the costs of paper storage facilities are eradicated as digitising information hugely reduces the space needed to store all this data.

Security improvements are another advantage. On-paper vulnerability to fire, flood, theft and vandalism and over-handling are a thing of the past, thanks to data retrieval facilities. Regulatory compliance is another positive of increased security and centralised control as DMS files are extremely trackable and the chances of withdrawn licenses or legal action are correspondingly reduced.

To implement document management systems within your organisation, look for an expert provider to advise you on how best to optimise routine but necessary tasks. Enabling shareability and integration across your business, document processing systems increase professionalism and value, simplify security and control, and save money. Leave your competitors to labour over manual, non-electronic invoice processing. Installing DMS will bring your business up to date, make significant savings, and raise your level of professionalism.

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PowerPoint design: improve your sales pitches

Taking your sales presentations off your notepad and onto a striking set of slides can make all the difference to winning or losing a pitch. PowerPoint presentations place your ideas and message centre stage but first and foremost warrant that you build strong relationships with clients and customers. This is easy to achieve with discerning powerpoint design.

While content and slickness are always central to a winning pitch, PowerPoint slides allow you to go further. The flexibility of these highly-visual presentations can give your pitch the personal touch necessary to convince and persuade.

Making sure that your focus is tight and sharply targeted is something Powerpoint companies can give direction on. A succinct delivery is what PowerPoint does best, its series of slides and visuals emphasising intelligibility of communication.

Whatever your situation, PowerPoint will be able to augment your pitch. For those in a last-minute fix, PowerPoint can update your presentation to a professional and convincing standard. Scribbled notes are rapidly transposed into smart bullet points.

If you are looking a little further into the future, in the case of the launch of a new product, then again PowerPoint can really maximise the marketing success of this new product. However multi-dimensional the concept may be, you can rest assured PowerPoint will manage to showcase it in all its aspects.

PowerPoint presentations, with their flair for tailoring your message, stand out from the crowd. There is no risk your unique and bespoke presentation will vanish into the flood of products out there. Instead, the personal relationship the slides help to build will continue to yield sales returns.

For guidance on how best to display your thoughts in a slide presentation, experienced companies will be more than happy to help. Their expertise of the area will make sure your presentation maintains transparency in design and effectiveness in delivery.
Firstly, you will need to decide upon your angle – this is vital to a credible and relevant presentation. Secondly, make sure your pre-written content is working hard enough to get your message across. Thirdly, focused design and your own accompanying delivery will combine to complete a polished and pertinent pitch. Sales success has been shown to be directly related to the use of PowerPoint.

If you are looking to give your sales pitches a helping hand, Powerpoint presentations are the solution. This method of giving sales presentations is second to none when it comes to effective communication. With the powerpoint design to hand, your marketing will be given a complete makeover, and a competitive advantage.

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Phono preamp products provide crystal clear amplification

The delight many music fans derive from playing vinyl is a unique sort of joy only heightened by the heady nostalgia induced by the record. From the now almost obsolete form of art created for their large format album covers, to the unsurpassable experience of hearing the needle touch down onto the record’s black grooves, vinyl had much to offer in its golden era that the cassette tape, CD and MP3 largely failed – and still struggle – to contend with. What is frightening for some audiophiles then is the idea that they may no longer be able to listen to their vinyl; that their record collections might one day become mere relics of a lost musical past. Luckily, such fears can be dispelled as unfounded for those ready to buy the appropriate audio equipment: phono stage set-ups. These, along with phono preamp products and phono amp innovations, are allowing audiences to listen afresh to tunes they might have thought consigned to dusty shelves.

Indeed, listeners can dust their record collections off right now; the phono stage is a highly specialized piece of technology that ensures amplification of vinyl is of the highest quality before the sound reaches the speakers. If quality is not established at this early stage the sound received will be ill-defined, perhaps echoing or even fuzzy – stopped from arriving at the crystal-clear quality well-trained ears truly deserve. The phono stage is also known by some as the phono preamp or phono amp so these three terms should all be kept in mind by those contemplating making such a vinyl-based investment.

Investment is in fact a fundamental word here: phono stage set-ups, phono preamp products and phono amp innovations are not cheap when sought in their best quality versions. But, fortunately, such investments will last for life and can give pleasure in so many diverse settings – from the dancefloor during a DJ set for those in the music industry, to the living room or bedroom of those who represent the more private vinyl connoisseur. Altogether, it is advisable to make precision of sound a priority. Otherwise, all the tantalising memories evoked above will be relived, but poorly; as mere shadows and sonorous spectres of their once vibrant and original vinyl versions. Good quality phono amp use thus presents itself as a key both to the future and the past – the future of record playing looks bright and promising at the same time as it offers an evocation of our pop-cultural past.

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Student Loans DraggingYou Down?

It’s widely known that university students can find it tricky to work with their money. After spending their teenage years living on pocket money from parents, or perhaps a small paycheck from a minimum wage Saturday job, suddenly having two large lump sums placed in the bank account every year can seem like a miracle. It’s common for students to take advantage of the new situation by buying new clothes, going on trips or to festivals – or just bevvying all night in the uni bar! But with those larger sums of money come bigger bills: for the first time, they’re now responsible for managing rent, bills and food. It’s no wonder that many fill the gap between student loans deposits with unsecured loans, taking advantage of a cash advance to tide them over until the next lump sum arrives.

Unsecured loans are a form of loan designed for people who know – and can prove – that they’ll be getting enough cash to pay back the loan by a given date (usually next payday, or for students, the date of the loan deposit). They differ from secure loans because there’s no need for collateral: for most loans made by a bank, the loaner makes sure they’ll get their money back by having the borrower sign a contract agreeing to give something worth more than the loan – usually his or her house – if the money isn’t returned. A loan that isn’t ‘secured’ refers to a loan without a contract of this kind: instead, a slightly larger of interest is accumulated on the loan, and it is paid back with the next paycheck or lump sum received by the borrower.

This type of loan appeals to students for many reasons. First of all, they know with certainty that they’ll be receiving an SLC loan installment by a given date, and so don’t have to worry, like many borrowers, about the interest accumulating to unmanageable levels. Secondly, students are usually not eligible for secured loans, because none of them (or very few!) have a house or small business to ‘put up’ as collateral to backvalidate a secured loan. Unsecured loans aren’t intended – like a mortgage, for instance – to be something that you pay back gradually over years. They are used as a ‘stopgap’ to provide money which the student wouldn’t otherwise get until a certain date. For instance: if a student loans payment is due on the 5th of the month, but rent has to be paid on the 1st – and too much cash has been frittered on nights out! – this type of loan can give the student a cash advance, which the student will be able to give back as soon as the 5th of the month comes round. This system has been found to give many students peace of mind, at the most difficult times.

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