Document processing is more efficient when done online

Automated document processing has been a common and cost-effective method of handling invoices and other records electronically for 50+ years. The capability to scan a document into a computer’s automation software on arrival simplifies the entire process of invoice processing.

No longer do company staff need to go through a lengthy manual filing process of up to 15 steps before an invoice can be paid. These days, accounts payable employees bank on automated document management systems to do the hard work for them. Intelligent Data Capture (IDC) systems save employee time and reduce the risk of human error in a way that, not too long ago, would have seemed unthinkable.

Sometimes, there is the complicationof different companies using different invoice processing systems, or of dealing with a company that is stuck in the past, still completing all of their filing and processing by hand. However, there is a broad consensus across industries that automated systems represent the future of administrative business tasks, and it’s not likely to be long before most companies catch up, especially given the saving of time and error that comes with using automated document management.There is such a big variety of types of files that can benefit from automated document processing, especially given the growth in traceability and communication that has come with the universality of the net. Most companies use automated databases to keep information about sales suppliers employee payroll and performance, as well as to produce pay slips and periodic progress reports.

Another little-appreciated advantage to automating invoice processing and other documentation management is an eco-friendly one. Businesses who take the step to bring filing and databasing online save large amounts of paperwork, especially using innovations like electronic invoices and purchasing orders. Just think about how many trees are downed per year to supply printed invoices, pay slips and sales orders. Most people aren’t aware of the scale of this problem, but almost all companies are more than aware of the exorbitant cost of printing sheet after sheet of paper – often only to feed that information back into a computer manually.

But all of those filing cabinets full of ecologically-unfriendly paperwork are becoming a thing of the past as more and more managing directors realize the importance of cloud-based digital document management. Outsourcing gives companies the liberty to spend valuable time focusing on raising sales, brand awareness and manufacturing levels, whilst able to sleep easily, knowing that the day-to-day filing tasks are taken care of.

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