Presentation Design Agency: How To Keep Your Audience Engaged

Powerpoint presentations are an essential tool in the arsenal of most people giving sales presentations to audiences of keen-eyed and sometimes cynical potential clients or superiors. Simply listening to a presentation, however thrilling the presenter’s vocal delivery, usually does not convince people who are regularly offered new ideas and suggestions. And in the fast-moving digital world, decision-makers expect new products to be presented to them in an engaging way; every day, we see more news stories about attention spans getting shorter! Busy people need entertainment and visual stimulation in order to be as excited as possible about your plan or product. This is why good Powerpoint design can be almost as necessary as the idea itself when it comes to deciding people in favour of a product.

Which techniques should ambitious salespeople use when designing in Powerpoint? There are a few tricks of the trade that can change sales presentations from dull to thrilling.

Powerful Powerpoint presentations should embrace the age-old values of rhetoric proved to be convincing in Ancient Greece, and still working today. For example: famously, Apple inventor Steve Jobs loved to present things in threes. That’€™s the €˜triad€™ system, which has been shown time and time again to be easier to remember than information presented in lists of two or four points. But don’€™t try to shove three key points onto a single slide – good presentations stay minimalist. Use one slide to announced you’€™ll be outlining three concepts or stages, then give each idea its own slide.

Of course, Powerpoint is a visual medium. Slides should contain as few words as possible. This is partly because people in a hectic sales meeting aren’€™t likely to want to read substantial chunks of text, and partly because the presenter shouldn’t have to read them out either. During sales presentations, the person speaking should try to make eye contact at least once with everyone in the room, and should never turn their back. Turning around to read from your Powerpoint presentation sends a body language cue to the room that the presentation is over, and they will stop concentrating.

The images included should tell the story for you. Clear infographics, evocative pictures encouraging emotions like happiness or satisfaction, and memorable pictographs, are what stick in people’s minds long after exact statistics have disappeared.

Text-heavy, undirected Powerpoint design can damage the pitch for an idea which would otherwise be welcomed. On the other hand, challenging presentations which use the art of storytelling, high-definition images and infographics, and interact with the presenter’s personality, are sure-fire winners.

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School Uniforms Online – The Easy Way to Shop

A good London schoolwear supplier doesn’t just sell school clothes. They sell peace of mind and the knowledge that purchasing school uniforms doesn’t have to entail days of traipsing the high street for every last item your child needs – usually with the child in tow.

Shopping for clothes online has various benefits. For starters, when you buy online – anything, whether it’s clothes, books or computer hardware – you tend to get better prices. That’s because if you buy from a store you’re also paying for their overheads: rent, heating, staffing costs and so on. Not only that but they’re likely to be situated somewhere costly, on the high street where footfall is higher and shops are more competitive. With an online schoolwear supplier, it doesn’t matter where they are operating from. You place your order and it’s posted to your door.

Convenience is another obvious plus. It’s much simpler and less effort to do your shopping over the internet than it is to find the time to travel to the shops and physically search for what you require. You can buy what you want in your lunch hour at work or in the evenings, rather than take a day to get your child kitted out for next term. It also doesn’t matter when you shop – the internet doesn’t have opening hours.

One caveat is sizing, though this doesn’t have to be an insurmountable problem. Take careful measurements and use existing clothes to gauge what you need and you should be able to order school clothes that fit properly without any trouble. On the off-chance that there is a problem, you can always return them and have them exchanged for a different size. Once you have used the same supplier once, you will have a much better idea of how their clothes fit, so it will get easier and easier as time goes on.

A decent London schoolwear supplier will have more than just school clothes. You can treat it like a one stop shop, picking up everything that your child needs – stationary and calculators, equipment for clubs and sports as well as school uniforms. Some will even offer a school delivery service, so even if you leave things until the very last minute you can still make sure the right items will be waiting for them when they arrive at the school gates.

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Commercial Property North London – to purchase or to rent?

Commercial property in North London is subject to change at a second’s notice. Fluid demographic trends, new economic figures, the ups-and-downs of the retail sector: in order to grab a bargain you have to be prepared to put in the time and keep up with what’s happening. The choice of whether to look for shops to rent in north London or go all-in and look for a shop for sale in London will depend very much on what relative costs are doing at any one time, as well as the long-term prospects and, of course, your own financial status.

As things currently stand, there is significant downward pressure on retail rents across London. There are a number of reasons for this, but chief amongst them are continuing economic worries, and limited confidence in the Eurozone, as well as the competition represented by the ever-growing online market. Several high-profile bankruptcies – very recent and more broadly since the beginning of the Credit Crunch – have underscored the fragility of the high street. 2012 was not a good year, with Blockbuster, HMV and Jessops (to name just three) dropping from the scene.

Why might this be good news? Well, it’s a brave firm that looks to set up in this climate, for starters. But those businesses which do get going in a recession are generally leaner and tougher than the ones which start in good years. Plus, rents are lower at the moment than at any period in the recent past. Empty shops mean decreasing rents, and many surveyors think the trend may continue longer still. This is in contrast to the industrial and office sector, where demand is gradually picking up.

Where does this leave you? If you are looking for shops to let in north London, there may never be as good a time as now. If your business is viable and waiting to start – or expand – then you can snatch a bargain and hit the ground running. If you’re a landlord looking for a shop for sale in London to add to your portfolio, then this presents a rather different dynamic, with lower yields than you might otherwise enjoy. The key thing is to remember that the commercial property London market is not homogeneous; the headline figures you read in the papers hide a vast difference between sectors and in different areas. Choose carefully, plan well and act decisively – and you won’t regret it.

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PowerPoint Presentations …Easy to do, Hard to do right

The strength and sophistication of Powerpoint means that it is now extremely easy to put together sales presentations that are accompanied by all kinds of supplementary data and information. powerpoint presentations are practically de rigeur in the industry; without one audiences feel that there is something missing. However, the relative difficulty of effective Powerpoint design means that it is extremely easy to put together a slideshow that actually adds very little to a presentation; in fact, it can detract from your talk, leaving the audience bored and frustrated. We have all had to sit through bad presentations. In many cases, the slideshow feels like a bolt-on extra: something that has been added almost as an afterthought. This is because in many cases, it has – simply because it is expected.

To create a good Powerpoint presentation you have to bear in mind a few principles. The slides should complement your talk, not duplicate it. Again, you will doubtless have had to endure talks in which the slides simply repeat the spoken content – sometimes verbatim. The purpose of the slides is to support and illustrate the spoken material, making it more memorable and full of impact. Instead, they are often used to render it redundant.

Complexity is another key issue. Many beginners make the mistake of packing too much information into a slide, on the grounds that a picture is worth a thousand words. Simplicity is better, though this does not mean dumbing down your message. You are generally looking for bold, straightforward ways of communicating key statistics, facts and information. If there is too much on the screen then your audience will be distracted from your talk as they struggle to decipher and digest it. Graphs can be very powerful, since they can be used to show trends that otherwise take a great deal of description. You should add legends or brief bits of text to your slides, but not too much. You want your audience to know exactly what you are showing them, without giving them more than they need.

In the end, powerpoint presentations are supposed to complement your talk, not to replace it or duplicate it. Sales presentations are all about being convincing and communicating your message as clearly and succinctly as possible. Look for the take-home points, the ideas that you want people to remember above all else. Make sure your Powerpoint design helps you achieve this, rather than obscuring it.

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Bacs payments and the problem of transaction reversibility

Bacs, or Bankers Automated Clearing Software, has been around a long time. Essentially, though, bacs payments simply mean transferring money directly from one bank account into another. FPS or Faster Payments Service is essentially the same, but it generally happens almost immediately, whereas Bacs takes up to three working days. Bacs software is therefore different to credit or debit card payments, and has advantages and disadvantages in comparison.

Since bacs payments are made directly from one bank account into another, they are effectively irreversible. With credit cards, the transaction can be cancelled and the money returned to you if there is good reason (such as fraud, or the goods you ordered turned out not to be as advertised, or never turned up at all). With bacs, this is far harder. That is a good thing for merchants, since you won’t have to worry about customers making unjustified chargebacks if they change their minds. For buyers, though, it means transactions cannot be undone. In most cases, this will not be a problem because bacs tends to be used for paying suppliers and for employees’ wages, and so on. These are generally predictable and are paid in arrears. However, if a mistake (such as a typo) occurs, it is not a simple matter to reclaim the money. Without the goodwill of the recipient, it can be extremely time-consuming. If you are making monthly payments, it might simply be easier to adjust the next one rather than rectify the last one.

Bacs software can be integrated into your accounting package to ensure that mistakes don’t routinely happen due to human error, but it’s impossible to eliminate them altogether. That bacs payments are made in their millions every day proves that this need not be a fatal flaw for bacs, and that there’s no reason your organisation should not use it too. Indeed, the advantages far outweigh any minor problems that might arise from its use. Bacs is more secure, faster and easier than paying by cash or cheque. It’s also the standard, now – or, at least, FPS is – which means that if you’re still paying by more traditional methods then you will naturally find yourself at a competitive disadvantage. There is really no good reason to hold large amounts of cash on the premises or to use time-consuming and inefficient cheques when instant and straightforward transfers are possible at minimal cost.

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Invoice processing -speed, efficiency and a better brand

Not so long ago, every document in every office took paper form. Documents were always paper, and had been for around 2,000 years. Then, just a few decades back, desktop computers really started to become popular. Now, documents could be created on the screen and printed to be a hard copy – like everything else in the office. But as computers grew even more common and with the spread of the internet, there came a point when documents no longer had to be printed to be sent around – they could be saved online or on a network, in the office’s document management system. Now, there were two distinct systems: paper and virtual, and the difficulties this entailed – and still entails – could be significant. It can be messy, wasteful and inefficient. People trained in one system may not be quite familiar with the other. Documents can get lost in the paper system, perhaps getting piled up on one person’s desk, or taken out of the office and never seen again. Document processing aims to bring the two systems together, bridging the considerable gap between a paper-based office and a paper-less office. Invoice processing does the same for the accounts department – an important asset in an age where some invoices are sent through the mail and some are raised electronically, by bacs.

The technology used to achieve this has come a long way in the last few years. At one point, the best you could hope for was a scanned image – a picture file of a memo that could not be edited, and certainly not using a word processor. More recently, optical character recognition has enabled printed documents to be turned back into editable computer files. Further developments mean that even handwritten letters can be converted into Word or other documents. The technology generally takes a while to ‘learn’ to read handwriting reasonably, but boasts accuracy rates of greater than 97 percent.

This means that document processing is now very reliable and effective, and when combined with a good document management system can make for a much more efficient office. Everyone can access the documents they should have – and the documents will always be accessible to those who have permission to read them. Similarly, invoice processing means that your accounts department is less likely to miss a payment – something that always undermines a business’s reputation with suppliers and clients.

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Bacs or SWIFT? What are the advantages?

bacs software is now a well-established tool that enables you to pay customers and suppliers quickly, securely and easily by means of electronic transfer. Bacs payments are a far better option than paying by cheque or cash, since you don’t have to worry about keeping big quantities of cash on the premises – a potential security issue – or cash-flow problems brought about by people cashing their cheques at unexpected points in your financial month. Bacs, the acronym for for bankers’ automated clearing standard, is a well-tried and tested method of payment that can save you a lot of time and money, as well as having other advantages.

Bacs usually takes three days to clear as standard, although depending on the sending and receiving banks it can be virtually instant. If you are concerned or there is cause to make a fast transfer, SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) is guaranteed same-day. However, this means an additional cost, so for small payments it is rarely worth it. For larger sums or urgent orders and payments, SWIFT may be a good choice and the costs will be proportionately smaller if the transfer is large.

One of the great things about Bacs software is that it can be integrated with your other accounting systems and databases. If you haven’t done this, it can be a real headache and a drain on resources, because different transactions have to be logged and entered into different systems. If you take the time to set up your systems correctly, however, you can save a significant amount of time (and potentially expensive errors) and streamline your accounts in a way that is simply impossible if you are using several applications or processes.

bacs software consultants will be able to advise you on the best programmes for your accounts, and whether your present systems can be used in conjunction with Bacs payments. Migrating your accounts can be a formidable task, though the benefits are exceptional. Once you have completed the process, you can use Bacs automatically – paying workers on time, every time; ensuring that suppliers are paid and that customers are respecting their commitments to you; and logging every transaction to make sure that there are no surprises hiding in your accounts to cause problems at the end of the tax or accounting year. Moreover, auditing processes can be started to identify and fix past accounting errors – something which can cost businesses a significant proportion of turnover.

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School clothes, sports kit and accessories all beneath one roof

When a school presents you with a new school uniforms list, it can be daunting. As well as day to day school clothes, these lists will often contain a selection of sports kits, school accessories and other strict policies covering outerwear and school bags. This is especially true for a parent who may have children at different schools. Hunting for a London school supplier to help you out with blazers, ties and netball skirts is the first step towards a complete and correct uniform that will not land your children in trouble!

The most necessary qualities in a good schoolwear supplier to look for will be reliability, a well-stocked shop floor (or warehouse) and a wide range of uniforms. This last is particularly relevant if one of your children is at a local primary and the other at a local secondary. It doesn’t make sense to have to travel to two distant retailers when one supplier can serve for all your needs.

A good schoolwear supplier’s stock should include sportswear to cover a large spectrum of requirements. Whether football socks, netball skirts, polo shirts or tracksuits, these items form a significant part of a school uniform. Apart from anything else, children’s sportswear is intended to keep them safe and warm out on the playing field. Look out for leading brands you can rely on in store.

As well as sports activities, your children may well be taking part in other extra-curricular activities such as Brownies, Cubs or ballet lessons. It is a real benefit to discover these uniforms in your schoolwear supplier’s stock, as it cuts yet another trip to the shops and a long time spent searching for highly specialist clothing.

Then there is the general apparatus of rulers, pens, pencils, pencil cases, calculators and so on and so forth. While these can be got from a stationer’s, having them right there in the schoolwear shop makes your life even easier. Not only all this, but often a dependable schoolwear supplier will provide a school delivery service, saving you time and effort once again.

Pinpointing a good London schoolwear supplier is worth it because you will be able to return again and again for all of your school uniform needs. Children grow rapidly and new school uniforms will always be a chore at the beginning – or even during! – the school year. The convenience of knowing there is a reliable supplier you can go to makes shopping for school clothes much more convenient.

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Hotel jobs Dubai offer cultural opportunities you may not have dreamed of

Few people feel they know the Gulf region well. For a number of us it represents the rich terrain of tax breaks and luxury, but generally speaking we know little of its genuine historical or even contemporary cultural significance. Recently the latter has been evolving, particularly in art-world terms: The Guggenheim and Louvre museums, famous in their European and American locations, are planned to open in 2013 on Abu Dhabi’s Saadiyat Island, a $27 billion art and culture project on which construction got underway a few years ago. At a time like this a future career working in hotel jobs dubai or hotel jobs Gulf promises great things: just consider how rewarding and educational days off could be when some of the world’s most astonishing masterpieces are a mere stone’s throw away. Even now the art world flocks to Abu Dhabi for the country’s annual art fair. The latest edition of this fair, for example, attracted contemporary greats such as Jeff Koons. And if the Gulf still doesn’t sound like your thing there are similar opportunities in the East such as hospitality jobs Singapore.

In Singapore things are really booming. The country may have come into the media spotlight recently when Rupert Murdoch sung the praises of its high employment and pay standards but this is a good thing if you are thinking of working out there. Certainly, he was right to point out the super living standards: the streets are clean, for example, as chewing gum is famously illegal. What’s more, the Singaporeans tend to pride themselves on being great hosts, loyal friends and fully-involved family members. This too bodes well for all those who are keen to work in the Far East but are nervous about their ability to make friends: Singapore has long attracted Western businessmen and women in their droves who have nearly always returned saying how welcome and accepted they felt abroad.

Indeed, wherever you decide to work in the East, be it in hotel jobs dubai, more generally hotel jobs Gulf, or hospitality jobs Singapore, the chances are you will thrive on a totally new and uplifting experience in a new culture. Trying out new delicacies and beginning to learn the local languages are just some of the benefits of working abroad. Besides these brilliant opportunities are those of getting a new angle on the art world, making new friends and feeling truly integrated into life abroad.

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Unsecured loans prove life savers for many

Unfortunately, we live in difficult financial times. Across the globe, many people are facing financial difficulties: whether that’s because they’ve been made redundant, had benefits cut, or experienced a slowing down in trade with their own business. Many people are facing financial obligations to be met, which they’ve signed up to in happier times, but are now struggling to keep up with. The solution for many of these people is to take out unsecured loans, to bridge the gaps in their personal or commercial finances by covering expenses or debts. Securing a cash advance through use of a non-collateral loan can be a relief at times when a particular amount of money is needed urgently. Although in times of prosperity, people feel able to commit to long term loans (such as mortgages) with a repayment schedule running over decades, in uncertain times many borrowers find cash loans easier to deal with and to plan around.

Unsecured loans are on the rise in popularity, as many people find themselves in a situation where they desperately need a loan, but do not have the collateral on hand to put up against a secured loan. Many people who need to borrow money on the short term are employed, or have regular benefits cheques or student loans coming in: however, in the view of mainstream banks, they are ‘too risky’ to lend money to because they do not own a house, business or other large asset. The solution is to take out a loan which does not ask you to pledge collateral in return, to be handed over to the lender if you fail to repay the loan, but instead charges higher levels of interest.

Because interest increases over time, the people who get the best results from these types of loans are those who can quickly repay the cash loans they take out, within a few days or weeks. A cash advance may be exciting, but if you borrow more than you’ll be realistically able to repay within a short space of time, you will find that the interest builds up until you are obliged to pay back two or three times the amount you borrowed! This loan format has been shown to be a life saver for many borrowers suffering financial difficulties, but it must be handled responsibly to return the best results. If you plan around them, however, unsecured loans can set you back on your feet, when you need it most.

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