Kickboxing London -€“ where to start

Many people have heard of kickboxing, and think of it as something they might be interested in doing, but don’t quite know where to start.  There are all sorts of clubs and leisure centres which offer kickboxing London, but the variety of styles and approaches can be rather confusing for the novice kickboxer. Looking for a kickboxing club should not be too much of a headache, though, as long as you have some idea if what you are looking for.

One type of kickboxing is Zen-Do, which translated from the Japanese means ‘all paths’ and originates from the traditional Karate style of Wado-Ryu and Mu-Gen-Do fighting system.  Sensei Hironori Ohtsuka founded the Japanese martial art of Wado-Ryu Karate in 1934, after studying another form of karate called Kiu-jitsu.  The full name of this style means ‘way of peace’, which indicates that the intention was to use it as a means of solving problems in a non-violent way.  Karate-Do means ‘way of the empty hand’, as karate is studied without the use of weapons.

Karate took off in the UK in the 1970s, when the first wave of instructors pioneered Wado-Ryu karate in the UK.  Meiji Suzuki came to this country  to teach at the Tonbridge Club in London’s King’s Cross. Whilst he was here he decided to expand his martial arts knowledge by challenging  the strict training system he was accustomed to.  He travelled to Yugoslavia and trained with the national team coach there, who was an expert in kick-boxing.  He then developed  a system called ‘the unlimited way’, so called because it remains open to new ideas and techniques.  The focus of this style of fighting is finding the most effective and correct answer to the problem of a fight.  If a fighter loses, he will consider his mind, body and technique in order to find out what might have gone wrong.  As Zen-Do is not bound by tradition, like some martial arts, it is constantly evolving.  Another reason for its popularity is that it is not just physical in nature, but it represents the development of the mind, body and spirit in a continuous cycle.

If you are looking for a kickboxing club in London and are interested in a form of kickboxing that allows for some creativity and expression of individuality, then it could well be that Zen-Do is for you.  But if you feel you might be better suited to a more rigid discipline, the modern kickboxing London scene is sophisticated enough that there will certainly be a club out there to suit your demands.

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